Hataka has released a couple of new acrylic and lacquer based paint sets specifically aimed at modern Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm subjects


Thursday is a good day to announce new paint sets available for purchase

HTK-CS113 and HTK-AS113 ModernRN Fleet Air Arm paint set vol. 1

Standard colours of RN FAA fixed wing aircraft since 1945

Since the end of WW2 the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm adopted a standard camouflage scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky, used both on propeller and first jet aircraft. The scheme was modified in late 1950s with White replacing Sky colour and in such form it was used on last classical fixed-wing jet strike aircraft of FAA including F-4K Phantom FG.1 and Buccaneer S.2, but also on Sea Harriers FRS.1. Camouflage of the latter was modified in 1982 during Falklands / Malvinas war by adoption of Medium Sea Grey over Barley Grey. All Sea Harriers were later repainted to overall Dark Sea Grey and ended their service in overall Medium Sea Grey livery introduced in 1995............Hataka

HTK-CS113 – Modern RN Fleet Air Arm Paint Set Vol. 1 Lacquer Based Paint

HTK-AS113 – Modern RN Fleet Air Arm Paint Set Vol. 1 Acrylic Based Paint

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