Here we take an inbox look at the HobbyBoss offering of a F4U-1A/2 Corsair 2in1 in 1/35th scale.

HobbyBoss has released an F4U-1A/2 Corsair (2 in 1). My initial thoughts on opening this model is that there is an awful lot of plastic, which is nu-necessarily duplicated and so confused me. Further examination of the contents reveals the box contains not one, but two full models allowing both identified aircraft on the box top to be replicated. A look at the images I have provided, reveals only one issue with the model, and that is that the gates between the sprue and parts are a tad on the large side, and so will require care during removal to prevent tearing or other damage to the moulded parts. This will also increase the clean up required. Some flow marks are present, as can be seen in the images I have provided. A close examination of these flow marks reveals no obvious issues caused by these flow marks. The model offers a reasonably detailed cockpit, a decent level of detail on the engine and very good exhausts. The wings have the ability to be assembled folded or not, and the flight control surfaces are all separate and so can be attached as desired. A look at the surface detail looks pleasing to me, and I hope also meets with your approval. The result of this model, is the potential for 2 very nicely detailed kits, with ejector pins marks being the most difficult issue to tackle in most cases.



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