FineMolds is releasing in mid-August a Special 1:72 scale Edition of the F-4J Phantom II

This release will be the first in the series of short nosed Phantom II’s

Features include:

★ 2021 New mold.

★ A Tamiya pilot figures are included with the first special edition.

★ Short nose radome.

★ The differences with each short nose type will be reproduced in detail.

★ The cockpit has been redesigned exclusively for the J type and has been redesigned with an additional new mold.

★ 3 types of markings are included: 2 x VF-114 [Aardvarks] and 1 x VF-21 [Freelancers] 

★ The central part of the fuselage is integrally molded with a slide mold.

★ The conspicuous parts division line is divided by the panel line as much as possible.

★ The inside of the cockpit along with other details are precisely reproduced by laser engraving.

★ The small holes lined up in the splitter vanes are also reproduced by engraving.

★ The inside of the heat exhaust hole and the inside of the leg storage are precisely reproduced.

★ The canopy can be displayed open and closed. The closed canopy is a separate part.

★ The horizontal stabilizer is designed so that the mounting angle can be easily and accurately fixed.

★ The heat-resistant plate on the tail is a separate part. Can be assembled after painting.

★ Overall length approx. 248 mm,overall width approx. 164 mm, overall height approx. 69 mm

★ Number of parts 147 points for the main body + 8 figures + decals

FP43S - McDonnell Douglas  F-4J Fighter "Ard Varks" US Navy [First Special Edition]

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