Hypersonic Models is working on three variations of the instrument panel coaming on the F-104A [early] in 1:48 scale

“The final pieces in the puzzle of the upcoming F-104A (Early) set are now done: three different, optional coamings. On the left is a fully covered coaming with standard optical sight and periscope setup, middle is an earlier type with mostly open canvas, and on the right is a partially open coaming without sight unit, making it applicable to test airframes etc. The corresponding main instrument panel has the different shape distinctive for early 104's

I needed to make a couple of small CAD adjustments after these test prints but production printing of these has now started.

Next are the instructions.

Release hopefully soon...

A lot of (at times frustrating) research and design work has gone into these, thanks in large parts to Matt of Shrunk Craft who did the bulk of the CAD development”…………………Hypersonic

Lockheed F-104A [Early] IP Coaming – 1:48

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