We take a look at two Brassin 3D printed update sets destined for the Eduard/Kinetic 1/48th F-104 Starfighter.


Having reboxed the Kinetic F-104C Starfighter in 1/48th, Eduard also released two 3D printed sets to add to the all ready great kit.

Title - F-104A/C exhaust nozzle PRINT

Item no - 648892

Link - F-104A/C exhaust nozzle PRINT 1/48 - Eduard Store

Packed in a top opening box, the four 3D printed parts are securely sandwiched in a re-sealable bag in-between two foam inserts.

The prints are flawless with very little clean up needed to un attach them from the printing pins, which is a lot easier then if they were resin cast.

Detail is stunning for the nozzle, and a lot more refined then the plastic offering.

The main exhaust tube is one part, compared to the kits two part tube. The tube has detail inside it and is a lot more refined then the kits plastic offering. You also won't have to deal with a seam down the length of the pipe.

The exhaust fan fits into the rear of the tube and is a lot more detailed then the kits parts  

Once assembled the whole exhaust tube slots into the back of the F-104 as a straight replacement for the plastic parts.


The instructions are the normal Brassin style, so its printed on a A5 size sheet that is folded in half.

The instructions are easy to follow, with only three steps in the build sequence, well not really a build as such more of where and what they replace, and the correct orentation of the exhaust fan.

Colours are given for painting the parts for the MR Metal Color range of paints.

Title - F-104A/ C airbrakes PRINT

Item no - 648891

Link - F-104A/C airbrakes PRINT 1/48 - Eduard Store

This set comes in the re-sealable bag and the parts are further protected by being placed in a small clear plastic box, so damage to the parts should be eliminated.

The airbrakes are connected by several support rods, but a sharp knife should easily remove them.

Two 3D printed parts are supplied which are a straight swap for the kits plastic parts. Detail is a lot finer then the kits parts, as long as you want to depict the airbrakes in the open position of course.


The instructions are the same as the previous upgrade set, with the instructions stating which part the 3D printed part replace and where, and to use the kits plastic actuator for the airbrake.

Internal colours are given for the Gunze Sangyo Aqueous Hobby colour and MR Color range of paints.


Both sets will improve the base kit, but with the airbrake set, its only worth useing if you are modelling the airbrakes in the open position.

Although they were both bought out at the same time as the Eduard Zipper kit, both sets can be used on the Kinetic kit which the Eduard kit is based on.

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