Here we look at a very nice offering from MMP Books covering the EE/BAC Lightning.


This offering from MMP Books looking the the Lightening is authored by Richard J Caruana, and is also listed as the fighting colours of Richard J Caruana 50th Anniversary collection. This is a soft backed book, with a card cover protecting 48 pages within. It is printed in a landscape format, which means that the aircraft profiles within are of a pleasing size and detail. The author has provided a short write up on the Lightening over 6 pages interspersed with a small number of images. I do suggest that you take the time to read the text, as it is of interest and will not take up too much of your time. Once beyond the text, you get to the glorious colour art of Richard J Caruana. There are a very good number of artists colour profiles provided over the rest of the book that features 2 aircraft on each page with a small image of the aircraft from above, and in some cases the wings from below. The author has provided details on each of the drawings covering units, where it ended its life, and it’s first and last flight plus serial number. IN addition to this data, a caption is also provided for each aircraft which goes into a mix of data. This title will enable you to accurately replicate on of the Lightening's within and get the finish as accurate as possible.



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