DN Models have released some interesting aircraft camo schemes over the years, so Andy Brazier uses a Czech Tiger scheme on a Zvezda 1/48th Mil Mi-24V.

With Zvezda having released a 1/48th Mil Mi-24V Hind, DN Models produced a mask set for the camo scheme found on a Czech machine which participated in a Mini Tiger meet in 1998.

DN Models supplied me with three masks sets for this kit (Thanks Mitko), one of which is the numbers and insignia which they did for me as a one off set as the decal sheet for this marking option is out of production, and I so wanted to do this striking camo scheme.

DN Models paint masks are packed into a plastic sleeve with a cardboard backing to stop them being bent and folded.

The masks themselves are made of a very thin plastic and are a translucent grey colour, and are pre-cut.

Mi-24 Canopy, Windows & Wheels Paint Mask set for Zvezda #4823 1/48th – interior & exterior

Mfg. ID - 72/827-080

Related Link - https://dnmodels.com/product/mi-24-canopy-windows-paint-masks-zvezda-4823/

So the first masking set covers the glazed and wheel areas of the Hind, with the DN Models set having masks for the inside as well as the outside of the glass.

Two sheets are supplied, one for the interior and one for the exterior and wheels.

The masks are very easy too use with each mask fitting very well. They can be peeled off and moved multiple times until you get the perfect fit.

The larger glazed areas only have masks for the edges of the part, so masking tape needs to be used to fill in the inside parts.

Cabin interior

Cabin interior

Canopy interior

Canopy interior

I started with the inside of the canopy sections, placed the masks, then sprayed the inside black as per the kits instructions.

Once dry, I placed the exterior masks ready for the canopy to be placed glued onto the kit.

Mil Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopter Tiger Camo Paint Mask Set

Mfg. ID - 48/827-058

Related Link - https://dnmodels.com/product/mil-mi-24-hind-tiger-camo-paint-mask-set-1-48/

This set has one large sheet of masks, and at first glance looks daunting, so much so I put this off for a couple of days before I plucked up the courage to get on with it.

Hind sprayed in the upper colour

Hind sprayed in the upper colour

So armed with some confidence and sticking the football (soccer) on the T.V, as I hate modelling in silence, I proceeded to applying the masks. I started at the nose and worked my way to the tail following the very easy to understand placement guide.

Once one side was done, I then did the exact same thing for the other.

I do not know what I was worried about as the masks went down so easy, even over the lumps and bumps on the airframe. I sealed the edges with a cotton bud (although a couple of places did lift a little).

So how long did this take, around two hours with masking the upper part of the helo, where the masks do not cover.

Now as the insignia and BORT numbers are a one off set there isn't any details on buying this set. DN Models only asked for some measurements of the fuselage and tail to produce the masks. I really didn't want to have to use decals as the insignia uses the upper colour as part of the tri colour roundels, so masks were the way to go.

Starting off with the roundel, I weeded the first part out, and sprayed the upper colour. Once the paint was dry I replaced the weeded out part and removed the next part.

Then I used a slightly darker lower colour for the other part, followed by an off white for the last part.

The roundel edge was weeded out and sprayed the upper colour.

Once it was all dry I took the mask off and was very pleasantly surprised with the result.

Mi-24V 0705, 331. vrl, 33. zVrL, Mini Tiger Meet, Kleine Brogel, September 7, 1998

Mi-24V 0705, 331. vrl, 33. zVrL, Mini Tiger Meet, Kleine Brogel, September 7, 1998

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