Lukgraph has commenced pre-orders for their range of resin based 1:32 and 1:48 scale of the iconic Curtiss Jenny

We're starting the new year with a bang 

The legendary Curtiss Jenny now available for pre-orders.

32-52 PREMIUMCurtiss Jenny JN-4D (Premium set) 1:32

32-53 PREMIUM - Curtiss Jenny JN-4 (Premium set)  1:32

32-52Curtiss Jenny JN-4D 1:32

32-53Curtiss Jenny JN-4 1:32

48-16Curtiss Jenny JN-4D  1:48

48-17 - Curtiss Jenny JN-4 1:48

Kit-set contains:

Resin Casting Parts:

  • Fuselage, wings (1,2 mm steel wire reinforced), horizontal and vertical fins, ailerons, tail wings.
  • 3D printed parts:
  • Full Interior, propellers (2 types), undercarriage.
  • Spoked wheels included to the model, solid wheels.
  • All struts, strong black ABS PRO resin printed with holes to easier connect parts with wire (mounting wires included to the model).
  • Tail support (2 types).
  • Engine - block integrated with cylinders, all pipes separate, now you can paint it much easier.

3D printed parts packed in an additional box to ensure maximum protection.

  • photo-etched parts (over 100 pcs.)
  • steel  wire to connect wings (1.2mm) and copper wires to mounting struts (0.8, 0.5)
  • Windscreen - PE+film
  • Decals 7 paintings (JN-4D), 5 paintings (JN-4) 
  • Colored instructions

Build Jenny - let the legend live 👍

LukGraph Team

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