Here we take a look at the CH-47D Chinook from HobbyBoss in 1/48th scale.


The following introduction is as provided by Hobby Boss:

The CH-47 Chinook, the work horse of the US army, is manufactured by the Boeing Vertol Company. The Chinook has served as the prime mover for the US army and other military forces for decades. Its principle missions include transport of troops, artillery, ammunition, fuel, water, barrier materials, supplies and equipment on the battlefield. Other missions include medical evacuation, aircraft recovery, fire fighting, parachute drops, heavy construction, disaster relief and search and rescue. The effectiveness of the Chinook has been continually upgraded by successive product improvements from the CH-47A to the CH-47D. Continuous product improvements have more than doubled the Chinooks lifting capacity since its inception. 


This release from Hobby Boss of a 1/48th scale CH-47D Chinook arrives in a substantial cardboard tray, with separate cardboard lid with the artwork on it. The parts for the model are individually packaged, which should ensure the parts reach you in their intended condition. An examination of the contents reveals no obvious areas of concern, beyond some slight impressions of ejector pin marks in some locations that may need to be addressed. 

The interior of this substantial model has been well tackled, providing a very good level of detail especially in the cockpit area. The instrument controls have all been represented, and unusual aspect are the instrument panels that have been provided as parts in their own right, with decals included for dial detail in some parts. One plus of this method, is that replacement with after market consoles will be easy to do. The seats for the pilot and co-pilot have been well replicated, with the exception of harness detail. The walk through bulkhead from the cargo area to the cockpit is another well represented area, including moulded on detail to represent the cushioned sections of the bulkhead. The instruments that sit in this bulkhead are also have been well replicated. The floor of the cargo bay has the securing points for the cargo moulded in place ans detail on the interior of the fuselage pieces and a separate roof lining provides the modeller with all round detail. The area for the rear cargo door is one area that I observed ejector pin marks that will need to be addressed. The windows in the side of the fuselage are provided in both the flat and bubble option, depending on which you wish to represent. There are some holes that need to be opened in the fuselage parts, and these areas are well indicated in the instructions. 

The engine nacelles and engines have been well tackled providing a good level of detail, that should meet the expectations of most modellers. Photo etched grilles have been provided in the kit, but will need to be shaped for use. Due to the complex curves here, I would have liked to have seen Hobby Boss provide jigs for these curves. The flotation runs down both sides of the aircraft have been well replicated, with very nice recessed panel detail throughout. The ariel arrays that go down the left hand side of the fuselage are well replicated, but indicated for addition at a point that it would by easy to catch and break them off. The suspension units meet my requirements, but I would have liked to have seen weighted tyres included as an option.

The rear cargo door can be assembled open or closed, and again good detail has been provided throughout. The rotor heads of this model trap the blades between the two centre portions, and so I would advise they are assembled well in advance and allowed to cure fully before coming anywhere near the model. The rotor steering heads also have a good level of detail present and sit freely on the model when added, and so can be added and removed as required - handy for those modellers going to a show. The steering head itself, while well detailed is basically hidden when added to the model. The glazed portions of the model are of a good quality, with good clarity and thinly moulded. Hobby Boss has provided two finishing options for this model, but neglected to provide details on what they represent.


This is the second Chinook I have seen in this scale from Hobby Boss, and is going to Adie Roberts for a build. The detail throughout the model is very pleasing with me only being able to critique the ejector pin marks near the interior of the rear loading rack. Due to these attributes and one negative, I have no concerns in highly recommending this model to you, which should give a pleasing result.



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