Kagero Publishing adds another title to their Top Drawings series of books, this time it's the Bristol Blenheim in their sights.


Some modellers require their builds to be as accurate as possible in both dimension and panel detail. Well Kagero is one of those publishers that has set out to satisfy that requirement. This release looking at the Bristol Blenheim is authored by Anirudh Rao, and is number 130 in the Top Drawing Series of books. The card cover of this title protects 20 pages within, these pages provide detailed scaled drawings and details on cross-section dimensions of the fuselage. Most of these drawings are provided in 1/72nd scale, with the author also providing artist colour profiles. The book also covers many variants of the Blenheim seen during the course of its life. 1/72nd scale is a reasonable scale, but some will require 1/48th. This offering has taken care of that requirement with 2 large fold out sheets providing line drawings in 1/48th scale and to an equally high standard the modeller demands and Kagero is known for.



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