New details sets for the Mirage F1, Phantom and Mil Mi 24 at 1/48

The new sets at 1/48 are:

  • A48138    1/48 Mirage F1CT/CR engine+trolley    for  Kitty Hawk 
  • A48139    1/48 Mirage F1 radar+spine electronic    for  Kitty Hawk 
  • A48140    1/48 Mirage F1 wheel bays    for  Kitty Hawk 
  • A48141    1/48 Mirage F1  big set    for  Kitty Hawk 
  • A48142    1/48 Phantom F4B electronics    for Tamiya
  • A48143    1/48 Phantom F4B spine    for Tamiya
  • A48144    1/48 Phantom F4B engine    for Tamiya
  • A48145    1/48 Phantom F4B big set    for Tamiya
  • A48146    1/48 Mi-24 Hind engine     for Zvezda
  • A48147    1/48 Mi-24 Hind canon + electronics    for Zvezda
  • A48148    1/48 Mi-24 Hind big set      for Zvezda
  • A48149    1/48 H-34 Engine    for Trumpeter

You can get more information and photos at Black Dog website



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