Tim Hatton runs his eye over two Eduard’s LööK instrument and seat belt sets for Eduard’s 1:48 scale Bf 110 C/D

Bf 110C/D LööK Instruments and Harnesses

644076 Bf 110C LööK 1/48

644077 Bf 110D LööK 1/48

The LööK range from Eduard is a relatively new range giving modellers yet more choice in how to create the instrument panels [IP] of aircraft. The LööK IP is a pre-painted one-piece resin item that are an excellent alternative to what can be complex photo etched [PE] parts that Eduard has produced over the last decade or so.

The contents are packed in a small clear bag with a card core that should slip through most folks’ letterbox. The parts are glued to the card core to stop them moving around the packaging. Great care needs to betaken to lift the PE fret from the card backing as the adhesive holding it is strong. Better to leave in in situ and cut the parts as you need them.

The Bf 110C/D instrument panels look nicely detailed with a excellent level of fidelity. The painted detail is sharp and the lines that are found in a lot of instruments look good and with a level of consistency that is difficult to replicate by hand. The icing on the cake with the LööK IP’s are the clear gloss finishes over the instruments. There is no evidence of the slight texture that is evident on Eduard’s pre-coloured photo etched instrument panels. There are multiple small thin casting branches attaching the IP to the casting block, but these are straight forward to remove and require minimal clean up. The attachment points are placed at the top of the IP and break readily with a little pressure from the fingers, no scoring is necessary. There is a little flash from the casting that needs cleaning, but this will take seconds. Then you’re ready to go.

There is a difference between the two instrument panels as you can see from the side-by-side view below. So, make sure you order the correct one for the Bf 110 variant you are building.

You will still need your photo etched bending skills for the pre-coloured harness and lap straps. The pilot has shoulder harnesses and lap straps while the poor rear occupants have only lap straps for the two seats.The pre-coloured fret is standard with both releases.

Instructions are printed on a sheet of paper and are easy enough to follow particularly if you have used Eduard’s products before.


The LööK instrument panel and harnesses will be very popular with the modeller that hates using the sometimes-complex photo etched options. This is a one-piece replacement part that looks good with minimum amount of work. Although it doesn’t offer the type of detail offered by the photo etched sets including levers and handles. Not a bad thing if attempting to fit them causes occasional lapses of rage.

Likes: One piece instrument panel with excellent detail and seat harnesses too

Dislike: A brief moment of guilt at the ease of fitting. Glue holding the photo etched fret.

What an easy and simple way of replicating the instrument panel and there are harnesses included.

Highly recommended.



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