Among the recent releases from Euro Decals is a comprehensive selection of markings for Bf 109Gs serving with the ANR in the continued air war against the Allies following the Italian armistice in 1943.

I always think the Gustav looks particularly good sporting the combination of German camouflage and insignia with Italian markings, and this set includes something for everyone with a total of no less than 14 schemes in a mix of mid- and late-war colours for Bf 109G-6s, 'G-10s and 'G-14s.

The sheet includes full individual markings for each aircraft, plus enough national insignia to build around half of the featured schemes (and you can stretch this further by using some kit decals). Also provided is a set of servicing stencils for one airframe.

As we've come to expect with anything printed by Ray Horwell at Fantasy Printshop, the quality of the decals is superb. The items are thin and glossy, with crystal clear carrier film. This is trimmed tightly around most designs - the exceptions being where it's used to group element or to prevent them folding over when applied.

The registration is pin-sharp and the colours look good for the most part - my one reservation being that the yellow used does look too bright on the sheet in some lights. It's not so apparent in the photo, but I'll probably dull it down a bit as part of overall weathering.

Accompanying the decals are two pages of high quality side views that show the position of the national insignia and individual markings, along with which fuel-type triangle is appropriate to each scheme. There isn't a guide to applying the rest of the stencils, but these are easy to find.

The schemes are split between two groups:

1° Gruppo Caccia

1° Gruppo Caccia

Bf 109G-14, Wk Nr 464380, "Yellow 1", 5ª Squadriglia, March 1945

Bf 109G-10, Wk Nr 491354, "3-2", 2ª Squadriglia, February 1945

Bf 109G-10, Wk Nr 491356, 3ª Squadriglia, February 1945

Bf 109G-14/AS, Wk Nr 785039, "3-13", 3ª Squadriglia, March 1945

Bf 109G-14, Wk Nr 491461, "1-10", 1ª Squadriglia, March 1945

Bf 109G-14/AS, Wk Nr 785853, 1ª Squadriglia, April 1945

Bf 109G-10, Wk Nr 491493, "2-8", 2ª Squadriglia, May 1945

2° Gruppo Caccia

2° Gruppo Caccia

Bf 109G-6, "Yellow 8", 2ª Squadriglia, June 1944

Bf 109G-6, "White 5", 3ª Squadriglia, July 1944

Bf 109G-6, "Black 2", 1ª Squadriglia, October 1944

Bf 109G-6, ">", Nucleo Comando, November 1944

Bf 109G-14, Wk Nr 464444, ">>", Nucleo Comando, February 1945

Bf 109G-10, Wk Nr 491353, "Black 7", 4ª Squadriglia, February 1945

Bf 109G-10, Wk Nr 491501, "Black 11", 4ª Squadriglia, February 1945


This is another excellent set from Euro Decals and the resulting line-up of Gustavs will look really spectacular. If you intend to make maximum use of the markings, the price per scheme is very reasonable and there are enough options to keep any die-hard Bf 109 modeller happy for ages - plus, of course, the sheet would make a great basis for a shared club build.

Sheet #ED-32130 is available from Fantasy Printshop now, Price: £28.95

Many thanks to Fantasy Printshop for the sample decals.

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