Barracuda Studios have released a neat set of replacement mass balances for 1:32 Bf 109 kits.

Hands up who's never either lost or broken the aileron mass balances on Bf 109 kits. Nobody? I'm hardly surprised because, sooner or later, these notoriously delicate items are going to cause trouble. I even went through a phase in a recent build where I felt jinxed, because I managed to knock one or other of the balances almost every time worked on the kit!

So, one of Barracuda Studios' latest releases will be really useful for '109 modellers - a set of 3 pairs of replacement 1:32 mass balances.

The parts are beautifully detailed and cast. They're protected from damage on the casting block by end-shields, and will be quick and easy to prepare. The parts arrive in a simple zip-lock bag with a cardboard backing. No instructions are included, the balances being suitable for any 1:32 Bf 109F, 'G or 'K.


What a brilliant idea! Sometimes the simplest things are the most useful. I'd recommend this set to anyone who builds 1:32 Bf 109s because, if you're like me, you'll need it sooner or later to save robbing another kit for a spare mass balance. 

I really hope Roy Sutherland will also produce sets in smaller scales.

Many thanks to Barracuda Studios for providing the sample for review.

Item #32471 is available now from Barracuda Studios - Price: £8.09

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