Aeromodl has released their resin based 1:72 scale Boeing B737-200ADV and shared the images on their Facebook page

“After an admittedly terrible start to this project, and multiple pauses, retools and rethinks - we have some kits available now that exceed the original vision of a highly accurate and highly detailed 737 model kit. 

Presently there's a promotional eBay listing for our 1/72 Full Cabin/Windowed 737-200 Advanced. All purchases will ship within one business day. 

Note: if you have a preorder, we will be in touch soon to verify address and order details. There are many more options for kits now as well and you can change your order to anything in the catalog! Preorder folks will also get a "seniority bump" and move to the front of the shipping list with a purchase of one of these promotional eBay kits. New customers of course are welcome as well.

You can find the eBay listing here.

Every week or two, I'll be previewing some more kits such as:

  • 1/72 737-200 Advanced "No Windows/Shell" version
  • 1/72 737-200 pre-Advanced Engines/Pylons/Wings
  • 1/72 737-300 in both windowed/full cabin and windowless shell variants
  • 1/72 737-100 in both windowed/full cabin and windowless shell variants

I'll add as many photos as they allow. Thanks guys and stay tuned”…………………….Aeromodl

Boeing B737-200ADV – 1:72

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their 

products highlighted here – on AEROSCALE



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