One of the iconic warplanes of WW2, especially in the Pacific, the B-25 Mitchell. This walk-around features over 200 photos inside and outside.

Maid in the Shade

Feature, Original, Archived Aeroscale

This B-25J belongs to the Confederate - er, Commemorative Air Force.  She is based at Falcon Field (ICAO: KFFZ) in Mesa, Arizona, home of big sister B-17G Sentimental Journey.  She was built as B-25J-10-NC SN 43-35972.

Maid in the Shade was already at KFFZ when I first encountered the B-17 in 1983.  Sentimental Journey had the priority and was restored first - outside. No hanger big enough for her.  Maid in the Shade was restored over some 27 years and inside a hanger. Hence, in the shade.

CAF restored her in 43-35972's original combat markings although the nose art and name are a CAF creation. Inside the bomb bay doors are the signatures of dozens of Allied military personnel, including two Doolittle Raiders!



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