Among Eduard's recent releases are a pair of beautifully detailed Brassin 3D-printed engines designed for their new-tool 1:48 Sopwith Camel. Rowan takes a look.

Eduard's excellent new Camel (Camel & Co. - Eduard's New-Tool Sopwith Camel | AeroScale) already comes complete with a choice of crisply moulded engines, but the new Brassin alternatives take things to the next level. A new Bentley and Clerget being the first releases, with a Le Rhône (to be reviewed separately) hot on their heels.

Arriving in tough little flip-top boxes, the two engines are very simple in terms of the number of parts, but the level of detail is simply exquisite.

Item #648677 Bentley BR.1

Item #648677 Bentley BR.1

Looking at the Bentley first, it comprises just two 3D-printed parts - the crankcase and cylinders, plus the induction pipes. Accompanying these is a small photo-etched fret. Preparation will be quick and easy, because the engine parts are very lightly attached to their bases and clean-up will be minimal.

The detail really is quite remarkable - becoming more impressive the more you examine the engine. The cooling fins on the cylinders are beautifully rendered, but the most mind-blowing thing for anyone used to even the best conventional resin casting is the way the push rods are integrally formed with no "flash" behind them. This is only possible with 3D-printing and really demonstrates the potential of the technique. 

A ring separating the induction pipes from the crackcase and the ignition wires are photo-etched, making just four parts in total for probably the nicest 1:48 rotary engine I've yet seen. It's simply phenomenal!

Backing everything is a straightforward set of instructions with clear diagrams and colour matches for Gunze Sangyo paints.

The Clerget follows the same pattern - equally simple and superbly detailed. 

Item #648676 Clerget 9B

Item #648676 Clerget 9B

Unfortunately, the review sample also illustrates the extreme delicacy of those incredible push rods, because were broken in transit. It won't be the end of the word - stretched sprue will come to the rescue - but it's a timely reminder that you need to handle these 3D-printed gems with the utmost care.


I absolutely love these Brassin 3D-printed engines - and I can't help but think we're just on the cusp of seeing a revolution in upgrade sets that will become the new norm before long. The level of detail offered for a very affordable price makes them hard to fault and, so long as you treat them with care, these engines should be suitable for anyone with a little modelling experience. In fact, with their relative simplicity, they'd probably be ideal for newcomers to the aftermarket scene.  

Items #648676 and #648677 are available now from Eduard - price: £8.02 each. 

Many thanks to Eduard for providing the sample for review.

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