DN Models have released a F-35B Lightning II RAM Panels Paint Masks Set in 1/32nd scale, for the Trumpeter kit.

F-35B Lightning II RAM Panels Paint Masks Set for Trumpeter 1/32nd

Suggested scale - 1/32nd 

Suggested kits - Trumpeter F-35B 1/32 #03232

SKU -32/827-072


The set includes five sheets of masks (shown in the picture).  The masks are made from thin masking tape, which is easy to be peeled off and doesn’t leave any stains. The tape is tested on clear and painted model too. If carefully removed after painting, they can be used over and over again. Material is flexible and easily applied over curved surfaces. Semi-transparent for easy and accurate placing.

DN Models set is designed for Trumpeter’s 32nd scale release /#03232/ and any eventual derivatives of the B model. The set cannot be used with any other tooling of the B variant of the stealth fighter. This mask set is very complex and requires thorough examination of the building steps depicted in the instructions as well as careful consideration which panels will be painted in different color and which – not. 

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