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Modern (1975-today)
Discuss the modern aircraft age from 1975 thru today.
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F-4 Phantom, 75th Ann. of Alabama 106RS
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Posted: Wednesday, May 09, 2018 - 11:09 AM UTC
The picture of the other F-4 that I built is shown here. I used a 1:48 scale Monogram F-4C Phantom for this project to demonstrate Tru-Color Paint colors and masking paper. Again, as with the 2 F-4C jets in the SEA camouflage scheme that is in another thread (in the Cold War era section), I did not install the canopy as yet.

Paints used for this model were: TCP-1208 FS 36270 Medium Gray, TCP-36118 1207 FS 36118 Medium Gunship Gray, TCP-1226 Titanium, TCP-077 Silver, TCP-005 White, TCP-010 Black and TCP-431 Matte White. Decals were placed after spraying the built model with TCP-018 Gloss and then for the last step finished with TCP-017 Flat. ALL paints and finishes were applied with an air brush set at 33-36 PSI with a medium tip (.5mm) needle. NO additional thinner or retarder was added !

Note that the decal set bought for this project turned out to be very old and yellowed and the decals started to break apart in the water. I saved much of the decal set by over spraying the set with TCP-018 Gloss two times and that helped somewhat.

Masking Paper (TCP-900) was cut to shape using a hobby knife after sketching a pattern to follow.

As mentioned in the other thread, these are the first models I have built in over 50 years, so be gentle with your comments. I know there is a lot be desired with the actual build, but they were not intended to be contest quality ! Rather these (and more that I am building) are intended to show off Tru-Color Paint colors with the models to be displayed on our tables at the IPMS National Convention to be held August 1-4 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

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