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Monday, October 10, 2011 - 04:54 AM UTC
Sword from the Czech Republic has announced five new kits in 1/72 that should be in the shops soon. Releases include a tropical Spitfire Vc, P-47N, Ki 44 and two Curtis Seamews, one of which is fitted with floats.
Quiet a line-up of new releases from Sword, options for each kit is listed below. Also included with the plastic parts are resin and PE detailing parts.
My nose tells me that the PE parts will be made by Eduard, although it is not officially mentioned anywhere yet. Decals are printed by Techmod from Poland, my latest experiences with their decals has been positive. Box top illustrations are quiet superb.

SW 72045 Spitfire Mk.Vc Trop RAAF
QY-V -Sqn. Ldr Lou Spence, 452nd Sqn RAAF, 1943
UP-X – 79th Sqn RAAF, Los Negros, Admirality Islands, New Guinea, June 1944
FL-8 – F.O. F.L.M. Cronin, 81st Sqn RAF, Malson Blanche, North Africa, 1942/43
DL-N – 57th Sqn RAF, Darwin, May/June 1943

SW 72046 P-47N
„Little Girl Yip”, 413th Fighter Group, 21st Fighter Squadron, 1945
„Priss 'n Prissy”, 414th Fighter Group, 456th Fighter Squadron, Iwo Jima, 1945
„Red-E-Ruth”, Ltn. Leon Cox, 318th Fighter Group, 19th Fighter Squadron, le Shima 1945

SW 72047 Ki-44
47th Sentai, Narimasu AB, Japan 1943/44
Mjr Togo Saito, CO of the 85th Sentai, Canton, China, 1945
Mjr Yoshio Hirose, Hitachi Kyodo Hikoshidan, 1st Hikotai, Mito AB, Japan, November 1944

SW 72048 Curtiss C0S3 Seamew - US NAVY Floatplane
US Navy, USS Denver, January 1943
US Navy, USS Biloxi, 1944

SW 72049 Curtiss Seamew
Seamew W, USS Columbus, summer 1942
Seamew I, FN628, 755th Sqn, FAA, April 1944.

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Sword released their Spitfire Vc Trop kit (different markings) in January this year at the same time as their Spitfire Mk Vc kit. I bought the Vc as one of the options was 303 Squadrons’s QQWCA. It’s a little gem that has seems to have been thoroughly overlooked. The detailing on the cockpit sidewalls is exquisite and it’s a shame that little of it can be seen once the kit is built. There is enough detail in the cockpit to satisfy a lot of people, a crow bar and oxygen hose are the most noticeable missing items. For the super detailer there is an excellent base to add to. There is no PE which means you need to supply your own seat belts. The instrument panel is just plastic with raised detail. It would have been nice to have some instrument decals included for this. If you want a brass and plastic film instrument panel then you might be able to use one from a PE set intended for another kit. There are enough alternative parts, props, exhausts, wheels, long and short cannon barrels, wide and narrow cannon bisters, in the kit to enable just about any F.Vc or LF.Vc to be modelled. Only a pair of late type elevators are missing that one of the kit’s options had fitted. End caps for clipped wings are supplied but you have to saw of the wing tips yourself. Fit of the parts is excellent including the cannon blisters, radiator and oil cooler that match the curve of the wings perfectly. The canopy is also a prefect fit but if you want to open it to show of the cockpit you will need an after market replacement. Also checkout Sword’s Spitfire Mk IV and Mk IV Trop kits that were released at the beginning of September.
OCT 11, 2011 - 03:07 AM

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