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Saturday, August 05, 2017 - 03:38 PM UTC
Xtradecal has released two decal sheets in 1/72 scale titled ‘Spanish Civil War Condor Legion’ Pt I and II
X72274 - Spanish Civil War Condor Legion Pt 1 – 1/72
-Bf-109B-1 6.29 2.J/88 1937 RLM70/71/65;
-Bf-109D 6.56 Hauptmann Gotthard Handrick Stab.J/88 1938 RLM63/65;
-Arado Ar-68E 9.2 Stab, Jagdgruppe J/88 1938 RLM63/65;
-Heinkel He-51B-1 2.85 3.J/88 Oberleutnant Eduard Neumann 1937:
-Henschel Hs-123 24.5 Teufel Stukakette 88 1938 RLM662/63/65
-Fiat CR.32 24a Sqa XVI Gruppo Caccia, Sgt Maggiore Gianlino Baschirotto 1937 Sand/green mottle;
-Fiat CR.32 1a Escuadrilla de Caza of Aviacion del Tercio 'Monico/ Presente' Giuseppe Cenni 1936 Sand;
-Heinkel He-112V-9 8.2 2.J/88 Hpt Harro Harder;
-Junkers Ju-87A-1 'Stuka' 29.2 'Jolanthe' Stukakette VJ/88 1938 RLM61/62/6365;
-Junkers Ju-87B-1 29.7 5.K/88 1939 RLM70/71/65

X72275 - Spanish Civil War Condor Legion Pt 2 – 1/72
-Bf-109B 6-10 2.J/88 Ernst Mratzek 1937 RLM62/65;
-Bf-109B-2 6-27 1.J/88 1938 RLM63/65;
-Bf-109E-3 6-111/Barchen 2.J/88 Lt Werner Ursinus 1937 RLM63/65;
-Heinkel He-51B-1 2-78 3.J/88 Staffelkapitan Adolf Galland 1937 RLM63/65;
-Fiat CR.32 3-3 NC183 3a Squadriglia, 1 Gruppo Caccia 1936;
-CR.32 White 5 X Gruppo Autonomo Caccia 'Baleari’ Palma 1936, Sand/ brown/green;
-Fiat G.50 1-1 Gruppo Sperimentale Caccia Major M.Bonzano 1939;
-Hawker Hispano Fury 4W-1 captured ex Republican 1938;

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