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Friday, March 31, 2017 - 03:22 PM UTC
Xtradecal has released Part II of their 1/48 Vickers Supermarine Walrus Collection
This decal sheet by Xtradecal is possibly aimed at the forthcoming Airfix release of their 1/48 Walrus. There is no reason why these could not be used on previous 1/48 Walrus releases from SMER, Classic Airframes and Special Hobby
Xtradecal has provided five choices of markings and they include:
-N19 Irish Air Corps 1939-40, overall silver with orange/white/ green bands on rudder and upper and lower wing tips;
-53.S.19 French Flottille 53S, Aeronavale 1945-48, overall silver, blue/white/red rudder stripes;
-M-0-4 Armada Argentina, on La Argentina late 1940s, overall silver with orange wing top and black bottom of hull, blue/white rudder and elevator stripes;
-G-AHFN United Whalers Ltd, London based on Fl.k Balaena and winner of the Daily Express Trophy Race at Lympe 1946, overall yellow with silver under wings and race No 2 on rudder;
-HD-874 R.Australian National Antartic Establishment, HMAS Labuan, Hear Island 1948, overall yellow;

X48178 - Walrus Collection Part II 1/48

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