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Wednesday, November 02, 2011 - 09:49 PM UTC
Sword continues production on the Spitfire line. This time we will have an opportunity to build three new late war Spitfires Mk.IX and XVI, which are announced as "coming soon" on the producer website.
The incoming new kits are:

SW 72050 Spitfire LF Mk.IXe

  • LF Mk.IXe, SL650 "DU-U", ex.312sqn RAF after arrival to Czechoslovakia, Ceske Budejovice airfield, 1945
  • LF Mk.IXe, MH712 "WX-D", "Pat", W/O Henryk Dygała, 302sqn (Polish), late 1944
  • Mk.IXe, "Virginia II, 2010, "25", first fighter squadron (101sqn), IAF 1949

SW 72051 Spitfire LF Mk.XVI

  • Mk.XVI, TB634 "Tanky", "AU-S", Plt Off A.F.McIntosh, 421sqn, B.90 Petit Brogel 1945
  • Mk.XVI, TB520, "DGA", W/Cdr Donald G. Andrews, 453sqn RAAF, UK, March 1945
  • Mk.XVI, SM471, "NI-N", 451sqn RAAF, Lympne, Kent, UK, May 1945

SW 72052 Spitfire LF Mk.XVI - "bubble" canopy

  • Mk.XVI, "Dorothy", TB886, "AU-J", 421sqn, B.154 Reinsehlen, May 1945
  • Mk.XVI, TD317, "ZF-P", S/Ldr Karol Pniak, 308sqn (Polish), B.101 Nordhorn, 1945
  • Mk.XVI, "Janetka", TD240 , "WX-V", S/Ldr Bolesław Kaczmarek, 302sqn (Polish), 1945
  • Mk.XVI, "Rongotea", TB625, "OU-V", W/O M.J.C. Lind, 485sqn, Fassberg, Germany, April 1945

I have noticed few minor spelling mistakes in the descriptions or names of the particular planes, but the side-profiles and decals looks right. The decals were printed by the Polish company - Techmod.

The information and pictures were found on the producer website.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
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